An Interactive
Call-center Operator

Voicemail creation only 3 minutes

10 times cheaper than call center

Ring up your customers database just 10 minutes

Suitable for any business

Callisto fits any business

Cold calls

We'll ring up all your customers in a few minutes.

Phone surveys

We conduct surveys with the processing answers and present/provide the finished result.

Informing customers

Inform all clients about promotions, sales and news.

Fast and easy notifications

Inform about delivery status profitably via voice mailing.

Get the cheapest customers

Leads are cheaper than from targeted and contextual advertising.

Get new cheap customers and return the old ones using only one simple tool without any learning.

Run a voicemail in 3 minutes

There's 3 easy steps:

1. Write the text of your offer and convert it into the voice clip or record by yourself.

2. Add phone numbers that have to be ringed.

3. Ring up your customer database.

Monitor the effectiveness and the impact

And increase profit from voice mailings in future.

You can check how many people picked up the phone, how many times they pressed buttons, average phone call duration, listen to all calls etc.

Use for different tasks

Get feedback from your customers easily and instantly.

You can implement a script of pressing buttons to make calls more interactive. Moreover, there's a possibility of integration with your systems via API.

Integration via API

1. Register on our service
After registration, you'll be able to read documentation about API integration in your account.

2. Go to the section "API and integrations"
Open the API instruction or request emulator.

3. Integrate with your system
Generate an API key and integrate ring-up tool with your system.

Use our speech recognition

Increase effectiveness of your voicemails by 20 %.

Voice mailings with speech recognition boost customer loyalty. According to our statistics, 95% of people don't understand that they speak with robot.

Case study - Reminder of a passing webinar


Aim of campaign

Increase people attendance to webinar.



There's a customer database in our CRM system, who have submitted an application for participation in a free webinar. The sales funnel looks like this: Application -> confirmation of participation -> webinar. Since the participants database is stored in CRM, we connected the Callisto widget. We customized the call script and selected those who left the application for participation in the webinar.



By clicking on the number "1" we move the card to the stage "participant" for further sale to this customer.

Result of campaign




Phone number in the database

10,35 %

Conversion into click


Lead price

Don't have a customer database for calling?

Don't worry. We'll give you an advice!


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